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KG Construction and Developers is a synonym for quality construction and reputed developers or buiders of Udaipur. The list of reasons for choosing us are innumerable but to discuss important pointers read further.

We are a reputed and renowned name in the construction and development segment of Rajasthan, India. Over the period we have maintained our commitment and delivery with leadership in the chosen line of business.

KG Construction and Developers has created many opportunities for buyers through it’s undertaken a Quality project in and near Udaipur with transparency which has become a hallmark, ever since our inception.

We have become a torchbearer in construction and developers industry of Udaipur, Rajasthan with “BUYERS FIRST” POLICY to serve them with transparency and commitment

We are dealing in the sale of plots, house construction, and property development with value addition to buyer money and savings invested in upcoming projects of KG Construction and Developers.


Mr KG Agrawal is a professional in the field and has a total of 9 years of experience with an aim of providing affordable houses and plots to every person in Udaipur and nearby areas. He is continuously striving to work in the same area to achieve this goal. Not only he works hard in this field but is also an active contributor to charity works and always tends to help people and try his best to make the world a happy place.

KG Construction and Developers motto are that every person in Udaipur should own a house/plot at the most affordable rates and the company strives to bring this to reality and also to become the foremost prospering and revered real estate company by earning customer’s loyalty and trust through continuous and quality-driven growth based on principles of business ethics, integrity, product innovation and committed workforce.

We are striving to do the best quality construction and development of an affordable and convenient structure to serve buyers and investors of Houses, Flat, Bungalows, Plot, or Land in Promised Time.


KG CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPERS has been a trusted name in Udaipur fraternity of construction and developers with the immense trust shown by residents of Udaipur in making us what we are today and what we do for them.

Transparency is our signature feature as we deal with full transparency in transactions whether it for buying property for construction or for investment purpose

KG CONSTRUCTION And DEVELOPERS have always trodden the path of integrity without any compromising on our values for which we stand firm in tested time as well.

We are experienced in term of years of operation we put in making our name in the professional set up of Udaipur market

We are concerned about your present and future needs, so as a buyer or investor in the property market of Udaipur you can rely on KG CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPERS for all your secure investment decisions.

Commitment to all our customers is kept regarding proper documentation of property paper and clear title of the property at all times and all transactions.

The promise is made and kept regarding timely delivery of property at all times. We serve our customers or clients with utmost sincerity and dedication.

We deal in quality construction and quality advice for your dream home. we are the creator of customers home with quality material with modern facility and amenities comfort and luxury.

KG CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPERS are reliable and dependable with full focus on delivering solutions to customers need and requirements for short term or long term purpose.

We understand that customers want appreciation in the value of money invested to purchase a property through us in and around Udaipur. Be wise and Be Secure about your investments with us

You can dream, create DESIGN, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.”
– Walt Disney

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Ashok Gupta

The people at KG Construction and Developers stand out for their integrity, commitment and responsibility which are ingredients of successful professionals. Subsequently, there is no surprise that our interactions were handled professionally and the project’s best interest in mind.

Vaibhav Sharma

I have had a great experience while having a professional relationship with KG developers, they handled my residential project with utmost dedication and at the best affordable price.

Kapil Tiwari

The best thing about KG Construction company is their on-time delivery of projects, the construction of my house was done in no time with all the points remembered. I am very satisfied with their way of handling the project.

Mahesh Paliwal

I had a very good deal with KG Construction and it went too well. They offered me the best affordable price for the plots. They offer a very easy legal process with transparency and integrity.

Arpan Jain

My bungalow construction was handled out professionally and I can really say that they offer value for money. Their dedication and commitment towards operations are what I like the most. The people at KG Construction and the developers are very welcoming and professional.

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