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8 Amazing Vastu Tips For Buying A Plot

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Vastu Tips for Buying a Plot

Home or land buyers are beginning to think that purchasing a Vastu-compliant property is safer because of the success, wealth, and happiness quotients connected with such properties. It is now a crucial consideration when selecting a house. Residential plots should adhere to Vastu principles just like residences. For residential land buyers, KG provides important advice that will ensure future rewards.

Vastu compliance is an additional element for Property Investment in Udaipur that is quickly catching up alongside premium facilities that modern land buyers look out for, including a swimming pool and clubhouses. Properties that adhere to Vastu ensure serenity and stability for enhanced success in life and ward off bad energies by aligning with the five fundamental elements of nature. Therefore, the residential site should be in accordance with Vastu rules whether you decide to build a house on it now or later when values increase. So here are some Vastu tips for plot selection, Read.

vastu tips for buying a plot

For Real Estate in Udaipur residential plot, Vastu criteria can be checked or adjusted in a number of ways, as follows:

The best plot direction

The direction of a residential site is the most crucial consideration. If you intend to buy a plot, choose one that faces north because it is said to be very lucky. Plots with an east or west orientation are also options, but south-facing ground should be avoided.

Dimensions of the plot

A square or rectangle with a narrower front and a wider back is the ideal shape for residential land. The reverse is a resounding “No,” though. Round, circular, triangular, and L-shaped plots should be avoided. It is crucial to inspect the land’s corners as well. It is advised that a plot with a cut in the northeast corner is concerning since it resembles a headless body.

Consistency of the plot

Building homes should be done on flat land wherever possible. If there are slopes, then plots with a northeast or southwest slope should only be taken into consideration because they are quite favorable.

Western elevations should be avoided as they cause health issues and family inconsistencies. A valley around the plot or a dip in the ground should be avoided because they are considered unlucky. Additionally, stay away from buying the plot that is sandwiched between two large plots because it represents poverty.

The plot’s location

Avoid purchasing residential lands next to cemeteries or hospitals as they are reservoirs for infectious diseases and negative energy. Avoid anything on the north or east side that inhibits sunlight, such as a bridge, an electric pole, a hill, or a structure. However, as it prevents the inflow of bad energy, everything in the west and south can be threatening.

The southwest corner of the plot’s water body should also be avoided because it implies misery. The land can be acquired for residential construction if there is a lake or river close by that runs in a north-easterly direction.

vastu tips for buying a plot

Some Fascinating Approaches to Assess a Plot’s Potential

Relying on instinct

Go for it if the plot makes you feel content, at ease, and calm. Take a baby to the location if you are not that intuitive person. If the child smiles, it would be good to take the offer.

In the middle of the property, create a 1.5-foot-deep pit

Create a 1.5-foot-deep pit in the center of the plot, then fill it with water. The plot is very strong if a few minutes later the water level in the pit stays the same or drops by 10%. The plot is regarded as average if the level decreases by 50%. If the level drops by 60%, the plot is unlucky.

Fill the gap with dirt

Create a hole with a diameter of one meter in the middle of the plot. Fill this up right now with the dirt you just dug up. Continue with the purchase if there is still soil left out of the hole after filling it.

A soil test

Keep the soil you took from the plot in your fist. Avoid buying such a plot if, after a short while, the dirt swiftly slides out of the hand. On the other hand, if dirt sticks to your palm, continue and complete the deal.

Few Suggestions to Note On Vastu Tips For Buying A Plot

  • Make sure your plot is not close to a cemetery or a hospital.
  • Verify that your land is not close to any industrial structures.
  • The plot shouldn’t be confined between two massive structures.
  • Mountains and a river to the north and south of the property are not regarded as lucky locations.
  • Corner plots and plots with lush greenery are regarded as auspicious.
  • Roads that run in all directions around plots make them suitable for commercial uses.

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